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We Specialize in Racing Pipes (Megaphones)

• Racing Pipes Come with Aluminum Bracketry 
• Pipe styles Include PK Racing, Skyway Performance, Old school Jeff Ward Performance style and many more
- Finned Removable Exhaust Flange styled after PK Racing Available
- Angle Cone Racing Pipes, Snake Pipes XMR Custom Megaphone Racing Pipes

PK RACING PRODUCTS Honda XR75 5 Speed, fiberglass gas tank, long stroker monoshocker fully equipped. Bobby jones PK racing star was the key test rider that helped develop the machine.

PK monoshocker, a stunning cutting edge racer for its time. PK developed the monoshock very shortly after the XR75 was introduced into the united states. Pushing the envelope in the fight for top spot amongst all its competition, if you look closely a true factory racer for its day, from the fiberglass gas tank to the custom pro fab Monoshock frame, fully built PK long-stroke motor, a true performer and hardcore racer.

Vulcan Vulcan 2
Vulcan cycle works built by larry king and teddy boyko unique 35 degree lay down shock kit. Had really neat graphics back in the day

The J.W.R.P XR75 was a very highly modified racing machine with all the latest tricks 4130 frame, swing arm gold alloy wheels 8 gauge spokes, electronic ignition 83cc piston kit polished and lightened crank, valves, cam bench flowed cylinder head, oil cooler 24mm Mikuni J.W.R.P power exhaust the list goes on and on a super trick racing machine.

XR Mini Racers fully equipped Jeff Ward racing products 1977 xr75. this was the last time jeff rode the infamous XR 75 red racer before moving on to the FMF Suzuki rm 80 for the 78 season FMF then bought out the J.W.R.P and added it to there FMF product line. Above black and white is a rare picture of Ward's fully equipped actual 77 XR racer, the same bike he was still putting into the winners circle against the now dominating yz80 s. It all ended in April 1977 right after the W.M.G.P. Upon completing our build the bike still gives me the same intimidating feel just like it did 31 years ago when lining up on the starting grid and hearing ward rev the motor a sound I will never forget! 

Spending the morning at Troy Lee designs, talking about racing in the 70s mini-cycle hero and motocross champ JEFF WARD, takes some time out to shoot a few photos with our J.W.R.P replica, a great day.

The ultimate day!! At Troy Lee designs getting some of our J&B replica gas tanks signed by the champ himself!

Troy Lee Troy Lee and Company

Honda XR75

After a long day in the shop, there's nothing like taking a drive around the neighborhood on the 1976 xr75 one of our favorites.

The J&H monoshocker very similar to DG yet unique in its own way, a beautiful machine in its own right, full race completely brush polished motor done in house, and of course, Buchannon's aluminum rim set up with stainless steel spokes, lots of hand fabricated parts including full floating brake lever and complete tubular chrome-moly case guard just to mention a few, J&H which stood for Jewett & Hamilton were one of the heavy hitters in the mini-cycle ranks back in the 70s.

78 XR mini racer testbed using our latest products putting them through the paces for final fit and finish to name a few, our new 2 piece trick snake pipes with dual action floating springs are made to order, tubular case savers, really finish the complete frame look, XMR gold aluminum swing arm C&J style trick tubular brake pedal, fully adjustable floating aluminum Heim joint brake stay, all available through XR mini racer, also running a pair of super trick Marzocchi front forks lots of machining but worth the trick factor.

78 Mini Racer

Coming soon the infamous kelvin franks 1980 ROO-LINK XR80 ultimate play bike. Kelvin franks master machinist and welder created the trick ride. I have had many conversations with kelvin over the years some amazing stories!!, even though the XRs weren't in the winners circle anymore, they still were and are the ultimate play bikes, there were only 11 ROO-LINKS ever made, our original FRANKS racer is under construction and will soon live life again as a full-fledged ultimate XR play bike as tested by larry brooks in mini-cycle magazine.

 With the paintwork on the Kelvin Franks completed just wanted to say many thanks to close friend and master painter Louis Alverado Louis painted many of the Jesse James choppers back in the Jesse James chopper tv series and also monster garage it doesn't get any better than this Louis you're the best! Now we can concentrate on frame and suspension.

The J&B racer a super trick package racer you could purchase from J&B. This package racer had all the latest cool performance parts, distinct baby blue color, and special tank graphics. J&B which stood for Jeff Ward & Brad Dutoit, was one of the many heavy hitter XR racing teams back in the 70s, like the rest one of our favorite builds.

Building the world's trickest XR75 vintage racers is by no means an easy task lots of hand-fabricated parts, such as pipes tubular brake pedals, lay down suspension kits, custom manifolds, case savers, etc. are part of every build that goes into an XMR finished bike. Many painstaking hours are spent getting things to work correctly once finished all parts are available to the XR enthusiast, as we carry on many new parts are on the drawing table, at right and below a super fun 76 up piped 122cc XMR racer.

The 74 XMR "WORKS RACER" many painstaking hours went into this build, now complete tons of hand fabricated parts, some include a pair of re-machined fox airs on the rear, aluminum brake pedal, new XMR 8 shooter trick exhaust flange fully built 122cc 5 speed motor honda cr125 side panels, floating rear brake, super trick frame cradle just to mention a few really make for a real factory look, if there was such a thing (-: stay tuned many trick builds in the making. More pictures and updates coming soon.


Another super cool 78 rolling out of the XrMiniRacer fabrication shop, we kept this one at 85cc, running a set of 76-78 cr125 side panels, this really sets the bike off. Also, many hand-fabricated parts as you can see, CR80 front end sets the bike perfectly. Also available our new front mini duckbill bender fenders to finish off that vintage racer look.